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Service Industry

Service Industry

Our company has developed a sales network across Asia, selling machinery and equipment not only in Thailand but also to international buyers. This extensive global sales network allows us to expand our market size and offer high-value purchasing and sales support services.

Our company specializes in bulk purchasing of restaurant and food service equipment that needs to be disposed of during relocation or closure. This includes kitchen equipment (refrigerators, ice makers, gas ranges, etc.) and various restaurant supplies (chairs, tables, cooking utensils, dishes, and decor items), encompassing all in-store equipment and assets.

Asset Purchase Services and Sales Support Services

Asset Purchase Services

Our company purchases assets used across various industries, from the service sector (including food and beverage) to manufacturing. We buy individual equipment, complete manufacturing lines, or entire stores and factories.

Asset Purchase Process

Asset Purchase Process
1. Inquiry

Please provide the following information about the assets you wish to sell:
Manufacturer name, year, type of machinery, photo of the plate.

2. Preliminary Assessment & Contact

Based on the information provided, we will respond with a preliminary valuation.
Please consider whether you would like a formal assessment.

3. On-Site Inspection & Formal Valuation

We will visit the site to inspect the condition of the assets and present a final purchase price.

4. Contract

Once we agree on the final purchase price, we will enter into a sales contract.
We will also coordinate the removal date and other details.

5. Payment

Payment will be made on the day of removal.

6. Removal

On the agreed removal date, our company and our affiliated professionals will conduct the removal operations.

Request an Appraisal

Sales Support Services

At our company, we maximize the liquidation value of your assets by utilizing our expansive sales network throughout Thailand and Asia. We combine optimal sales methods such as online and on-site auctions to propose the best sales plan tailored to your consultation.

Sales Support Service Process

Sales Support Service Process
1. Inquiry

Please share the list of assets you wish to sell.

2. Property Inspection & On-Site Survey

We'll inspect the assets on-site and assess the target auction price.

3. Target Price Presentation

We will present the target selling price.

4. Budget & Marketing Plan Proposal

We'll suggest sales methods, advertising, customer attraction strategies, and a marketing budget.

5. Contract

Upon agreement on the target price and sales plan, we will finalize a sales consignment contract.

6. Promotion & Customer Attraction

We will attract customers for sales events like auctions.
*Promotion might take up to two months, depending on asset type and size.

7. Sales Event

We'll conduct sales events at your factory site or online.

8. Collection

We collect all sales proceeds before removal of assets.

9. Removal & Settlement

Removal on the agreed date by our team or auction winners, followed by settlement of sales proceeds and marketing costs.

Request an Appraisal

Request Appraisal / Contact

Please feel free to contact us for asset valuation requests or any inquiries. You can reach us by phone, LINE, or through our inquiry form, whichever method you prefer.

Inquiry Form

    • Name

    • Company Name

    • Phone Number

    • Email Address

    Information on the Asset for Appraisal

    • Manufacturer

    • Year of Manufacture

    • Type of Machinery

    • Attach a Photo of the Plate

    • Please keep the file size under 3MB.

    • Inquiry Details